Last call- Retreat 2019

A few updates regarding the upcoming retreats.

The name and address of the hotel is

The Royal Hotel Valentia.  Farranreagh, Knightstown, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry

For those of you who are making the shadow quilt, there is an error in the requirement list. The dark shadow fabric should be 56 inches, not 1 yard as stated, apologies for the mistake.  If you already have you fabric, them I will be bringing items from the shop that we can rectify the problem.

Please remember that if anyone needs anything, then Tuesday 26th at 7 pm is the request deadline as the van will be packed and ready for road by that time.

See all you retreaters soon.




2019 Retreat details

The 2019 The Sewing Shed Retreat is nearly here. The final details for each retreat are as follows.


Sewing machine, cutting board, ruler, cutter, scissors, pins, thread and the rest of your sewing kit.  Fabric for your project.

An extension lead, not too long as we will have plugs already set up under the tables.

Any medication that you may need.

There is a small shop nearby but apart from that you are on an island , so please bear that in mind, unless you wish to drive back to the mainland. The hotel bar is open every night and there will be music on Saturday night. They also sell snacks and coffee if you need anything else.

A three course meal will be provided each day but not on the Sunday, however the hotel do a very good Sunday lunch. You are welcome till sew until mid afternoon on Sunday.

Please bring an item for show and tell. 

Retreat 1- Thursday 28th FEB

You are welcome to book in anytime in the morning from 10 am. you can set up your machines and organise yourself. There will be an opening dinner at 2 pm on the 28th at the hotel.

Retreat 2- Tuesday 5th FEB

You are welcome to book in anytime in the morning from 10 am. you can set up your machines and organise yourself. There will be an opening dinner at 2 pm on the 5th at the hotel.

We will have a small pop up shop set up but if anyone needs anything in particular please get in contact before Tuesday 26th. It takes us two days to load and set up so to ensure you get what you need contact us before that date. We can accept card payments on site.

Looking forward to lots of sewing fun and laughing.


Valentia retreat 2019

Project 1- Lone star

You can make a single star as pictured here, or see picture below if you wish to make four stars together

Requirements for 1 Star

40 inches of background- black
27 inches of feature fabric-border and also in star
4 long quarters in colours to match the feature fabric.
18 inches for binding.
If you want to make a double bed quilt ( see picture below) this will comprise of four stars in the centre with the feature fabric border then another border outside that. ( approx size 70 x 70 )
the requirements are as follows.
Fabric 1- 10 inches
Fabric 2- 20 inches
Fabric 3- feature fabric 1 and 3/4 yards
Fabric 4-20 inches
Fabric 5 – 10 inches
Fabric 1,2,4 and 5 should be coordinating with the feature fabric.
Background fabric – 3 yards
Binding 25 inches

Project 2

Storm at Sea

Appox size 72 x 84 inches

2 Darks and 2 Medium fabrics from the same colour group. 1 yard of each.

3 ½ yards of background fabric

18 inches of border 1.

54 inches of outer border based on a 6 inch border.

25 inches of binding

Project 3

Shadow quilt

This quilt is a really good size, its pictured here without a border. There is enough fabric from the requirements for another 2 1/2 inch border all the way round, this is what i will be doing to this quilt, which will make it 86 x 96 inches. Any other border after that is optional.


2 yards of white or cream background .

1 yard of dark plain.

8 fabrics that coordinate – 18 inches of each .

25 inches of binding.

Sewing machine, sewing kit, extension lead, board, cutters, ruler, thread etc….a further requirement list for equipment will be posted before the retreat.