Valentia 7th March

Are you all snowed in?

This is the last post now before we head off to Valentia next week. Thankfully the weather looks ok for next week, so we will all be glad of the break after this weekend.

Some of you are pre cutting your fabric, if you are its a good idea to store them in a box or such, especially if you are doing the Bargello and have them organized already in the correct colour scheme. These are Cathy’s fabrics and she has them cut and ready to go in a shoe box. This will keep them neat and tidy while piecing them together.

Can I ask everyone to bring one show and tell piece. It could be big or small – You will all get two minutes to talk about your show and tell, so think about what you can fit into those two minutes.

If you dont know already some of the girls are meeting at QC’s restaurant in Cahersiveen at 1 pm on Wednesday for lunch. If you haven’t already booked in them you must let me know asap so we can add you to the list.  Its about half way through the town on the main street on the left as you drive towards Valentia. text me to book, my number is at the bottom of this post

Ill be at the hotel after the lunch to meet you as you come in. Can you all please book in first before you bring your sewing stuff in, so we can organize you as you arrive. Do not put your sewing stuff into the ball room first and then book in as it will cause a hazzard- Thank you.

After we arrive and we are set up, there will be a welcome and briefing at 4.30 pm. If you want to start sewing before that you are more than welcome, but the introduction of the projects will be in the briefing.

I will have a pop up shop with me, with the basics like thread, blades etc…but if anyone requires anything extra, then you need to contact me before Monday evening.

As usual do not hesitate to ask any questions. You can ring me between now and then for any inquires.

Looking forward to our trip

Nikki and Sarah


Valentia Retreat

The religion of Sewing- March 2018 .

The first month of this year has flown by, but we don’t really mind as we are looking forward to our retreat on Valentia Island this March

There are two main projects on offer, but you are more than welcome to just bring your own projects to work on if either of these doesn’t appeal to you.

Trip around the world quilt- size 66 ½ x 66 ½ inches

Not as hard as you think, and definitely not sewing all those small squares together. You will learn this clever trick on how to put this quilt together. If this is the project for you, then we have a limited number of kits available in this colour scheme, or you can pre order a different colour scheme altogether.

The Requirements for this project are

  • 12 colours from a range of tones including lights, darks and mediums : from each fabric you need 10 inches across the width of fabric.
  • When you have selected the above fabrics cut all  into 2 ½ inch strips
  • 18 inches of white or light border fabric ( leave in one piece )
  • 24 inches of outer border fabric ( leave in one piece )
  • 20 inches of binding ( leave in one piece )

The more advanced project is a Bargello

Finished size 96 x 98 inches

The picture here is only half the quilt as I’m still working on the other half. This is a big quilt, that requires a lot of sewing, but I might add very enjoyable. Again it’s a specific technique to create the effect.

This is a pattern from the book below and I have some copies for 20 euro each, if anyone would like one please let me know. Otherwise you can order it off Amazon or The Book depository.

If you decide to order it, I would do it straight away as there may be quite a few orders. Also if anyone requires fabric then get onto us straight away and we will organise it for you. Again it can be in colours of your choosing

The Requirements for this quilt are

  • 24 colours from a range of tones including lights, darks and mediums from each fabric you need 10 inches.
  • The book says you need 5/8th of a yard of each fabric x 24, but if you have pre cut half yards at home that you want to use, you will get away with it as the cutting instructions says cut 7 strips 2 ½ inches wide. You may pre cut these before you arrive
  • If you want to add a border at the end you will need 60 inches extra of 1 fabric for a 6 inch wide border.
  • Binding: 30 inches of binding fabric

This picture may help you select your fabrics for the bargello.

Other things to bring

Sewing Machine
Cutting Mat, Cutter and long ruler
Sewing Kit: Scissors, Pins, threads etc..
Extension Lead
An iron to keep in your room may be handy
Other Projects if you need a change
Also don’t forget to bring any meds and take your GLASSES!!

Click on the link below to see a short clip on the projects


Other Information

Breakfast and evening meals are included in the price, lunch is not included and is up to each individual to organise but will be available at the hotel bar. You may want to bring a waterproof coat and walking shoes in case you need to go for a walk. See you all soon, I’ll be in touch before we head off. Any questions then you can contact me anytime.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or you can email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.