Our fun filled Retreat Valentia Island 2018


We arrived at the Royal Valentia Hotel on the Wednesday afternoon after a beautiful drive down in blue skies. After the snow and grey skies the weekend before we were in awe of the scenery around us.

The hotel was spacious and welcoming and we all booked into our rooms ready for sewing and laughter.

Sewing and laughter is what filled the room for the entire duration of our stay with the odd sing song thrown in.

Some people did their own projects while others tackled our retreat projects of a rather large bargello  or a trip around the world quilt.

We were spoilt with the wonderful food in the hotel, the staff were amazing and didnt bat an eyelid at the threads all over the hotel. We had a show and tell after dinner which everyone enjoyed, not to mention  all the other wonderful moments which caused lots of giggles.

With many hours of sewing clocked up we decided that we would come back next year and we are taking names. If you are interested please get in touch. I would highly recommend a sewing retreat if you love sewing , patchwork and quilting. As one of our  guests said ‘its empowering being here and the energy is wonderful’

As the demand is so high we have two retreats back to back.

Looking forward to next year.

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  1. I would love to attend if I’m not gallivanting, and as I live here I would not have to stay. Would that be possible.

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